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I have used this product about 1/2 dozen times since I bought it. Here are the two problems I found 1 ) It runs way to hot. Cooking something thin, like soup, it boils, every on the LOW setting.Forget about even thinking about using the HIGH setting..... If you are planning on leaving it unattended for the day while at work, forget it. I even reduced the setting on the last batch of soup I made to the WARM setting (which they tell not to use to cook with) and that is still hotter then other crcok pots that I have used. Even on the WARM setting I had to add water twice to make up for the evaporation. The only way to keep if from not boling on the LOW setting is so offset the cover to allow it to vent. Of course when you do that, you have to be around to add more water every couple of hours otherwise it will boil away ebough water to reduce the contents to the level where it will run even hotter. 2) The unit has two heating elements located at the ends of the ovals. If you are cooking something thicker then soup (chili in my case) you have to stir it on a regular basis otherwise the heating elements get the food so hot it burns the food. And it also causes the food by the heating elements to cake. I had to scrub my pot with brillo pads in order to get the crude off it the first time I made a batch of chili. \ Conclusion - If you are not going to be able to monitor the pot throughout the cooking process this is not the way to go. It you are retired like me and can baby sit it you can get by. The ability to lock the cover on the pot so it can be transported is a major plus but in my opinion that does not overcome the other two major problems I found with the product. Best – Compression Crimp Bundle Greenlee – Low Prices !! New-Compression-Crimp-Bundle-Greenlee
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